Precision and Experience

Babbitt metal sliding bearings are our business


Since many years the proud name of GLS is based on our technical-know and our constant research and development, especially within the power generation industry. As higher the challenges of each project as better the benefit for our customers from our through our highly talented, experienced and flexible team.

GLS manufactures modern babbitt metal bearings in size up to 2000 mm diameter of the bearing bore - from single piece to small lot production. The close connection with KST - Kraftwerks- und Spezialteile GmbH guarantees a safe and fast manufacturing process. Extensive, detailed inspection and test procedures and a quality management based on DIN ISO 9001 document the high quality.



The GLS Gleitlager GmbH was founded 1997 out of the white metal foundries from ABB Kraftwerke and P&S Armatures. Bearings for turbines and generators had a long tradition at the Berlin facility. Already back in 1964 bearings have been designed and manufactured out of this facility.

We are equally involved in new designed bearings and repair of bearings. The high quality requirements in the power generation have characterized us and set our high standards. Challenge us!