Precision and Experience

Plain sliding bearings for heavy industry and power plants

Modern sliding bearings are high-tech products. GLS is the specialist for sliding bearings with the contact surface manufactured out of white metal (babbitt metal). Babbitt sliding bearings can be manufactured with the centrifugal casting method up to size 2000 mm (78“) diameter. Only a few manufacturers worldwide can compete in this casting size category.

GLS is very experienced and worldwide successful in new designs as well as in retrofit and repair work of these type of bearings. 

Our customer base is mainly from the power generation industry where highest quality and precision - i.e. bearings for turbine engines, marine engines, hydro power generation, the mining industry, the cement industry and in windpower turbines is in demand.


Our complete detailed quality management stands by ISO 9001 and our supplier certificate including well known firms stand for the highest quality of GLS bearings. 

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